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27 March 2015

more than 600 Abstracts submitted!
Thank you for the great response!

Reviewing on-going.

18 March 2015

>500 Abstracts submitted!
Thank you for the great response!

Reviewing starts.

11 March 2015

Registration is now open!!!

28 February 2015

Deadline for abstract submission extended to 15.03.2015!

24 February 2015

Flyer and info on industrial symposium available online !

11 February 2015

Instructions for preparing and submitting manuscripts are available

Deadline for paper submission 15.08.2015!

17 December 2014

2nd announcement flyer available here

15 December 2014

Call for abstracts is now open!

Deadline for abstract submission 28.02.2015!


Call for IXAS Award nominations is now open!

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           23 - 28 August 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany

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>500 Abstracts submitted!
Thank you for the great response!

Reviewing starts.

Abstract number 500: Carlo Marini, ALBA SYNCHROTRON LIGHT SOURCE, Barcelona, Spain.


"Local disorder investigation in NiS2−xSex using Raman and Ni K-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopies"
C. Marini, B. Joseph, S. Caramazza, F. Capitani, M. Bendele, M. Mitrano, D.Chermisi, S. Mangialardo, B. Pal, M. Goyal, A. Iadecola, O. Mathon, S. Pascarelli, D. Das Sarma and P. Postorino

Online registration is now open

Flyers : first announcement  & second announcement
Poster available here

Latest update 18 March 2015

K. Dardenne

Satellite Meetings
Satellite meetings

Updated flyers for all three satellite meetings now available

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Satellite Meetings
flyer industrial symposium
Industrial Symposium

Applications of XAS and related methods in industry

Flyer available here

Industrial Symposium
XFEL session

A session entirely dedicated to XFEL sources entitled “Current and future opportunities for X-ray spectroscopies at XFELs” will take place at the XAFS16 conference